Class 1.2

Day Two: We Juggle Two Assignments

Reading Sarah Tarlow, “Landscapes of Memory: The Nineteenth Century Garden Cemetery.” As you read, look for connections between Tarlow’s account and what you’ve been learning in Humanities about the Victorian interest in death and mourning. In reply to my comment, below, post a line from Tarlow and a corresponding line from a Victorian poet or from Guendel’s lecture.

Writing Looking ahead to the first essay assignment, visit the Imperial War Museum and/or the National Army museum and find a poster (or cultural artifact) from WWI on display at the Imperial War Museum or the National Army Museum that you’d like to write about in the coming essay. Take LOTS of photos, as points of reference, not just of your poster, but of other objects on display and of explanatory placards.

  1. Make a list of 15 important visual details.
  2. Consider your wording: is the girl looking curiously or accusingly at her father? Aim for descriptive phrasing that provokes insights but remains true to what’s actually there.
  3. Identify one or two especially vital details, those which point most closely to larger insights, and under which other details can be organized as supporting evidence.

These one or two vital details, together with their subsidiary details, can form the basis for one or two ¶s. Write up your description and submit below, in reply to my second comment.

Remember to skip an extra line between ¶s, so the website gives you a proper indent at the start of each ¶.


Please email me your best photo of your poster.

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