Course Policies

The CGS summer program offers an intense, experiential, and interactive experience that depends, especially during these challenging times, upon all students giving their classmates and their instructors their full attention. As such, in order to enhance the learning experience of your classmates, your Team D professors request that you observe the rules set out below:

CAMERA POLICY: Keep your camera on at all times during all classes if you are attending remotely. When your professors are not sharing their screen, they also need to see the individual students in order to create the equivalent of an in-person class. We understand that circumstances at your location may occasionally require you to turn your camera off for brief periods (and that you may sometimes experience technical difficulties) — but if you need to turn your camera off for all or part of a class, you are required to let us know in advance so that we can talk about alternative strategies for you to receive credit for both attendance and for participation. Students whose cameras are off and who have not contacted us before doing so will be grade penalized. (Please also know that ZOOM provides faculty users with reports supplying the number of minutes each student was logged in to class; your professors use these reports to credit you for your attendance.)

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Whether you are attending in person or not, attendance is mandatory — both in class and on field trips — unless you are ill or have a personal emergency. Each two-hour class counts for a week or more of regular-term attendance; as such, it would be easy to fall irretrievably behind. Lateness to class will also be penalized.

NO EXTENSIONS POLICY: Owing to the intense pace of the summer term, your professors have no way to grant extensions and to keep everyone on schedule. Please plan ahead to avoid receiving a zero for work submitted past the deadline.

Plagiarism is a very serious offense in this course, at CGS, and in the wider BU community. It will not be tolerated.

Please do not let any of these regulations obscure how grateful we are for your help in making sure that your classes this summer offer the live, communal quality of classes held on campus!

— Your Team D Professors

*Note: Some of the language here is drawn with permission (and, in some cases, adapted) from the Arts and Sciences Writing Program syllabus template.

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