Steinberg talk

Jun 14

Representing Past Outrages

Rob Steinberg, who played the lawyer Parker in 12 Years a Slave, will speak with us about the making of that movie.

In preparation for this talk, we’d like you to read this essay by Kimberly Juanita Brown on how the film uses landscape and architecture to represent in spatial terms gender hierarchies of the antebellum South.

We also recommend watching this interview with Rob Steinberg, taped during the run-up to the Academy Awards in 2014. 12 Years won big (9 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay) but the real interest of the interview is in Steinberg’s account of the experience of working on set.

4:00-5:00 on Mon, Jun 14, via Prof Underwood’s Zoom.

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