Aug 13

EPortfolio: Assignment Upload

Go to bu.digication.com and do the following:

  1. Create new pages for your summer courses, Rh 104, Hum 104, and SS 104. To make room, you may want to shorten the names of your old pages and delete unused pages like “Home” and “About Me”.
  2. On each course page, click the “add content” button to document your work from that class. Before each file upload, start by adding a “rich text” module to create a label like “The Rhetoric of Tourism.” Then click “add content” again and “upload file” to add a .pdf—or “Embed” in the case of a video on YouTube. After each upload, please adjust the module size so that the .pdf is easy to read or the movie is easy to watch.
    • BONUS: include a brief version of the essay prompt in the introductory text module. For example, for the Rhetoric of Tourism assignment you might summarize the prompt as “Write a 900 word text-and-theory essay applying Susan Sontag’s thoughts on popular photography to the photographic practices of the present day: cameraphones, instagram, etc.”

For the current semester, please include the following:

  • On the SS 104 page, your second essay.
  • On Hum 104, both your essays.
  • On Rhet 104, your two favorite written essays AND your video essay.

From last semester, make sure you have a minimum of:

  • On the SS 103 page, one of your essays.
  • On Hum 103, both of your essays.
  • On Rhet 103, your three favorite major assignments (includes speeches and bibliography).

Finally, on a special Interdisciplinary Reflections page, please post your reflections from two of our Excursions, one from each semester. Label these by semester, as follows:

  • “Term 1: Trip to _________”.
  • “Term 2: Trip to Highgate Cemetery”.

Your completed ePortfolio should be posted by midnight (U.S. Eastern Standard Time), Tue, Aug 13

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