Class 4.4

Vietnam Redux

Read “Why Must There Be an Iron Man?” written by Roy Thomas on the occasion of the character’s 10-year anniversary in 1972. The story, which ran in Iron Man #47, reprises the hero’s origin story from Tales of Suspense #39’s “Iron Man is Born!”

Respond to one of the following prompts in a short paragraph, drawing evidence from the art, dialogue, pacing, or page layout:

  • Focusing on the flashback on pp 4-17, how does this version of the hero’s origin story differ from the original 1962 story?
  • How does the frame narrative change the significance of the hero’s origin story?
  • How does the final page answer the question posed by the comic book story’s title?
A Start on Essay Two
In addition this reading assignment, I encourage you to make a start on Essay Two. Follow the link to read ¶s posted by your follow students and submit 1-2 of your own to get feedback from me.

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